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The People in Government Lab is a global, interdisciplinary research centre.

We're focused on people and performance management which aims to improve the motivation, effectiveness and responsiveness of people working in government, by creating and spreading the evidence base for a better government workforce.

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Our mission is to put people at the centre of government transformation, as we recognise that effective policy-making requires high performing, motivated, committed and skilled public officials.

Programme background

Public services are at the forefront of delivering the most basic necessities to citizens, strengthening economies and improving quality of life. Public servants must uphold high standards of transparency, accountability, commitment and professionalism while dealing with complex objectives, often against a challenging political backdrop. Recruiting, motivating and retaining brilliant, determined and entrepreneurial people in the public service is therefore an urgent but difficult challenge faced by countries across the world.

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Issue 01, January 2022

Issue 02, March 2022


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