DPhil in Public Policy

Do you want to help improve governments by providing them with research-based evidence? Are you motivated to carry out in-depth academic research that can make a positive contribution to public policy?

Our Doctorate in Public Policy might be right for you. The DPhil (as a PhD is known at the University of Oxford) in Public Policy is structured as a full-time course over three years. For candidates in exceptional circumstances we also have a part-time DPhil option structured over 6-8 years. The course has an emphasis on solving pressing public problems and provides robust training for understanding particular policy challenges and for evaluating, devising or implementing policy solutions.

At the Blavatnik School we focus on question-driven research: this means that the focus is on analysing and finding solutions to policy issues and challenges that governments face around the world. As a DPhil student, you will concentrate on research that answers policy questions, drawing on rigorous concepts, theory and methods from one or more relevant academic disciplines.

At the end of your studies, you will be prepared to lead on evaluating, devising and implementing innovative policy solutions; and you will be expertly qualified to conduct research, whether as an academic, in a governmental role, or in other influential policy organisations, institutes and think tanks.