Executive programmes

We deliver a range of programmes for professionals and policymakers working at the forefront of policy challenges, with participants ranging in seniority right up to the leaders of public institutions.

All executive programmes are chaired by a senior member of our faculty. By providing leaders with direct access to top thinkers and evidence-based insights, as well as to a multinational network of peers, we aim to directly improve government effectiveness and public policy worldwide.

If you are interested in discussing how we can work with your organisation, please contact us at executive.education@bsg.ox.ac.uk

If you are interested in a bespoke offering, we will work with you to build a tailored programme designed by our faculty with deep interest and expertise in the topic(s). As such, any bespoke offerings are run multiple times – usually once a year for at least three years – and have a lead time of at least nine to twelve months.

Public leaders programmes

Our flagship programmes are for the heads of public organisations and those likely to be in charge within the next few years. 

Short courses on government and public policy

From military leadership and judgement to trade negotiation to natural resource management, our short courses equip those in public roles to fortify their skills, strengthen integrity in their organisations, learn from the latest evidence, and build networks.

Executive Sessions

Our Executive Sessions convene groups of 10 to 20 senior officials facing a common institutional challenge. Members come from across government departments or across countries, facing challenges that range from mobilising pandemic response to uprooting endemic corruption. Members of a Session work collaboratively with a team of scholars and other experts, developing and testing innovative solutions that can, if successful, be adopted widely.

Online courses

Our new online courses allow busy professionals to learn wherever they are.


Our fellowship programmes bring senior leaders to Oxford over several months to engage with our faculty, the wider Oxford community, and our students – the next generation of leaders.