MPP fees and funding

Undertaking graduate study is a big commitment in terms of time and money. And so if you're thinking about applying for the MPP, you should also be thinking about funding your studies. The two main questions for any prospective applicant are:

1. How much money will I need?

There are three types of expense to budget for when calculating the cost of graduate study:

  • University tuition fee: Full details on the course and college fees for 2018/19 can be found on the Graduate Admissions pages under 'Funding and Costs'. If your application is successful, you will be asked to pay a deposit against your course fees at application stage as a condition of your offer. 
  • College fee: The college fee covers academic facilities and other services provided by your college. The annual fee does not include accommodation or meal charges and is payable in addition to the University tuition fee. 
  • Living costs: the 2018/19 estimated living costs for a graduate student at Oxford can be found on the University living costs pages.

There may also be costs associated with the Summer Project, depending on the type and location of the placement.

Please note that due to the intensive nature of the MPP programme, we encourage students not to take on any work commitments outside the course, and so your budget should take this into account.

2. How am I going to pay for my studies?

We are committed to ensuring that the financial burden of undertaking the MPP does not discourage the brightest and best applicants from applying to our programmes. Nonetheless, undertaking the MPP can be a significant financial commitment for many students, and many candidates offered a place will require some form of outside financial assistance. We expect all applicants in need of financial aid to explore all funding opportunities available to them, including through their own governments, private sponsorship, and scholarship or bursary opportunities. You should investigate all possible funding routes available to you as early as possible. In fact, some scholarship schemes have deadlines before the MPP application deadline, so do stay alert! 

Funding from the University

Many of our students have been successful in receiving University Scholarships such as Clarendon, Weidenfeld Hoffman, and Jardine awards. You will automatically be considered for the majority of University scholarships for which you are eligible.

Funding from the School

We are very grateful to the many different donors who make it possible for us to offer a variety of scholarships and financial awards. However, please note the Blavatnik School’s funding is limited and you should not rely on it as a main source of financial support. In order to be considered for Blavatnik School of Government managed awards you will be required to complete and submit a Scholarship Questionnaire, usually within two weeks of receiving your offer of a place. We do not follow other schools in collecting this information at the point of application as it is important to us that we credibly signal that this does not influence our admissions process.

External funding

There are many different external scholarship or funding schemes available to students, with a diverse variety of eligibility requirements. We are proud to say that each year a significant number of our MPP students are successful in applying to some form of external scholarship or financial award.


Many students also consider funding their studies, in part, through financial loans. The School has an arrangement to provide students with access to loans through loan provider Prodigy Finance, which we recommend students investigate alongside other options if they are considering taking out a loan.

Browse our webpages on funding support to find some tips and resources that will help you navigate your fundraising journey. This Blavatnik School blog post can also help you kick start your search for the right financial support.