Our research identifies and develops practical strategies to address some of the most urgent problems facing governments and societies today.

Research at the Blavatnik School of Government is wide-ranging and evolving. It is challenge-focused and practice-based. Our research takes historical, comparative, multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches to identify and develop practical strategies for dealing with the challenges facing policy makers. We draw on extensive intellectual networks both within Oxford and internationally to ensure we keep on the cutting edge of knowledge and bring the best of this experience to our students. We also develop innovative, cross-sector partnerships with individuals and organisations to keep us practice-oriented and solutions-focused in all our research.

We recognise that there are many different forms of leadership, a range of views of democracy and diverse cultures in which people operate. That is why our research spans the local to the global in terms of the types of challenges we address and the ways that we explore to approach them. Through research that speaks to the kinds of issues policy makers face every day – such as protecting privacy while assuring security, averting or quelling conflicts, improving health or housing provision – we take research from inception to implementation.

Research programmes are centres that conduct and foster research and debate across multiple sectors, influencing both public and private sector policy. 

Research projects may be core or externally funded, and range from extensive, long term collaborations requiring fieldwork and data analysis to more informal areas of interest that are being explored.