The Government Outcomes Lab is a research and policy centre based in the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford.

Programme overview

The Government Outcomes Lab was created as a partnership between the School and the UK Government and is funded by a range of organisations. Their role is to investigate how governments partner with the private and social sectors to improve social outcomes.

The foundation of their work is high-quality research, and their team bring stellar academic credentials, as well as a desire to generate useful practical insights. Using an interdisciplinary approach, they aim to shed light on what might make various partnership approaches effective, and how they compare to one another, responding to the questions posed by those working in policy and practice. Their research covers a range of topics, including outcomes-based contracting, procurement and social value, public service partnerships and research tools.

The Government Outcomes Lab team also work hard to get evidence into the hands of those who need it, through an expansive programme of engagement and capacity-building on both a national and international level. They host an online global knowledge hub and data collaborative, convene a range of events to disseminate insights, and facilitate peer learning groups to allow our wider community to share their experience with one another.

By blending rigorous research with practical engagement, the team at the Government Outcomes Lab hopes to bridge the divide that too often exists between those who generate knowledge and those who use it, and make a real difference to the outcomes that governments can achieve for the people they exist to serve.

In 2021, the Government Outcomes Lab celebrated its fifth anniversary. Read the report on the first five years of the Government Outcomes Lab summarising the journey the team has been on so far.

Five years of Go Lab

“The partnership with the Cabinet Office brings the strength and momentum of the Blavatnik School of Government together with a powerful transformative initiative in the UK Government. Governments everywhere will benefit from research, data and training which helps them to focus on outcomes and to work better with the private and not-for-profit sectors.”
Professor Ngaire Woods, Dean of the Blavatnik School of Government

“SIBs represent a revolution in the way government can deliver public services. They generate huge savings for the taxpayer, increased revenues for charities and social enterprises and returns to social investors. The Government Outcomes Lab will give local authorities the support they need to develop SIBs, and build a centre of research excellence in the UK, helping us to build a truly compassionate society.”
Rob Wilson, UK Minister for Civil Society

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