Michael's work spans the research and engagement activities of the GO Lab. His research focuses on various efforts to balance trust and autonomy with accountability in various forms of government partnership. This includes the use of formal relational contracts to govern public-private partnerships, and different approaches to accountability in public-public partnership working between different departments and levels of government. Alongside this, he helps to translate a wide range of the GO Lab's research into formats that are digestible for our policy and practice audiences. This includes writing case studies, policy briefings and evidence summaries, producing our weekly policy briefing, and editing the Oxford Government Outcomes Blog.

He joined the GO Lab following his MPhil studies, during which he focused on developing solutions to practical ethical challenges. His dissertation made the case for considerations of justice to be extended to global health inequalities. Michael holds an MPhil in the History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine, and a BA in Natural Sciences, both from the University of Cambridge.