Wind turbines across a snowy hillside - photo by Jason Blackeye for Unsplash

Do you have a solution that can help repair our planet?

We are pleased to announce that we are an Official Nominator for The Earthshot Prize. Nominations for the 2023 winners are currently open. 

The Earthshot Prize, launched in 2020, is a global initiative to find and fund the most innovative solutions to the world’s environmental challenges. As an Official Nominator, we are one of over 300 organisations from across the world invited to submit nominations across all five Earthshot categories. We are seeking nominations for individuals or organisations who have developed a solution to an environmental issue.

Climate change: the most pressing issue facing the world today

It is more important than ever to push for global cooperation and urgent action on climate change, an issue the Blavatnik School is fully committed to, for example, through our research project The Future of Climate Change Cooperation. We are keen to put forward nominations for The Earthshot Prize that we identify as having the most impactful solutions across all sectors, from grassroots to businesses.

Our goal is to find and nominate the individuals, communities, businesses and organisations whose innovative solutions have the most potential to make a positive impact on the five Earthshot goals. These goals are simple but ambitious, and achieving them by 2030 would improve life for generations to come.

Supporting environmental innovators across the globe

The Earthshot Prize will consider solutions which make tangible progress towards one of the five Earthshots. To be considered, the project needs to be further along than the formative idea stage. The project is required to have already tested the solution in-field or with target audiences, and be at a ‘tipping point’ for scaling for impact within the next five years. 

The five Earthshots are:

  1. Protect and restore nature
  2. Clean our air
  3. Revive our oceans
  4. Build a waste-free world
  5. Fix our climate

If you have a solution that is inspiring, inclusive and impactful, please get in touch with Daisy Grieve for a further discussion or fill in details in the form included below by January 23rd. You can find out more about the Prize, our role as an Official Nominator, and the process to selecting winners at

After nominations are submitted, they are screened as part of a rigorous assessment process culminating in selection of five winners by the Earthshot Prize Council. Finalists and Winners are given an incredible platform to amplify their work, as well as tailored support from The Earthshot Prize and a network of NGOs, businesses, governments, funders and expert mentors. The five Winners also receive access to an acceleration programme, unrivalled networking opportunities, and a one-million-pound grant to scale their project’s impact.

Put forward your best candidates and let's work together to make a better future!

Deadline: January 23, 2023

Download the nomination form