The Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker team contributed data and analysis to the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board's third annual report, ‘From worlds apart to a world prepared’. 

The report argues that the failures of the COVID-19 pandemic were rooted in inequality and inaction and exacerbated by geopolitical division, and calls for a renewed global social contract and lays out six solutions for a safer world.

Thomas Hale, Martina Di Folco, Laura Hallas, Anna Petherick, Toby Phillips and Yuxi Zhang at the Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker provided a background paper focused on identifying political barriers to pandemic preparedness. 'Moving from words to action' is rooted in a brief review of 10 priority recommendations, mostly focused on international policy, and is structured around five categories of political dynamics that affect readiness. The article The global political response to COVID-19 was not effective, but we can learn from it summarises some of the findings of this research.