A career civil servant, Amna is part of a pioneering group of women who constitute a meagre 2% of police officer corps in Pakistan, serving more than 220 million of its people.

From operational policing by commanding tough jurisdictions including the capital city Islamabad, as the only woman police officer in the field, to serving as the youngest advisor to the Law and Justice Ministry from the Police Service, Amna has experienced policy development, implementation and its operationalisation first hand. To achieve her goal of enhanced gender equity and social inclusion brought about through good governance, Amna established the Gender Protection Unit, a walk-in facility for victims of gender-based violence, supplemented by a 24-hour helpline ensuring ease of access to justice for many. The first of its kind in Pakistan, it is completely run by female officers. A wide- ranging referral mechanism is also in place which allows access to shelter homes and free legal aid for the victims.

Amna is an Oxford Pakistan Programme and Blavatnik Scholar.