Today we welcome 144 new students from 52 different countries to the Master of Public Policy (MPP) class of 2022. We are excited to welcome for the first time students from North Macedonia, Côte d'Ivoire and Somalia.

The diverse, global nature of the MPP course environment is reflected in the students who joins us today for the next nine months. From an Uyghur lawyer and human rights activist campaigning for global justice and peace, to a former refugee from Somalia who became the first Somali-born Canadian elected to city council in Canada and the first Black city councillor in Victoria in 152 years, this year’s students’ breadth of professional and life experiences will undoubtedly strengthen the interactions and discussions throughout the course.

The class of 2022 also has the highest number of fully funded students in the history of the MPP, with 73% of students receiving full scholarships. In total, 83% of this year's class are receiving some funding to support their participation in the course. The School is committed to ensuring that an applicant’s financial situation will never be a deterrent to applying for the MPP, and we encourage all of those who would like to study with us next year to explore the range of support available.

Applications for the MPP, MSc in Public Policy Research and DPhil in Public Policy are open until Friday 6 January 2023, but we strongly recommend submitting your application before the winter holidays. Through our new Public Policy 1+1 pathway, you can apply to study both the MPP and the MSc.

The students will now undertake a busy two-week induction programme aimed at introducing them to life at the School and beginning to build the collaborative, open environment that is characteristic of the MPP’s approach to teaching and learning. Activities during the induction weeks range from workshops designed to hone key skills such as public speaking and giving feedback to an Oxford history hunt that will bring the students together to develop their team-working skills in an informal context.

For a first-hand account of what happens during the MPP induction, head over to the Blavatnik School’s Instagram, where several students from the new class will be hosting a takeover for the next two weeks.

You can also follow our website, Twitter and Facebook for other updates about induction and the School.