Public Policy 1+1

Do you want to become a more effective leader and help create a world better led, better served and better governed? Are you eager to design and carry out impactful research and effectively communicate your research findings to policymakers and the general public?

Benefits of our public policy 1+1

You will be taught by outstanding academics, as well as expert practitioners. The programme is uniquely positioned to develop your academic knowledge and professional skills to address some of this century's most complex public policy challenges.

As part of the University of Oxford, we build on its 900-year history and renowned research excellence. Oxford has an outstanding history of educating public leaders, including 28 British Prime Ministers and more than 30 other heads of state and government around the world.

After the Public Policy 1+1

Upon completion, you will be well equipped for research and related jobs in government, quasi-governmental agencies, state and local governments, international organisations, not-for-profit organisations, charities and pressure groups.

You will be welcomed into the Blavatnik School’s alumni community, a close-knit network that provides global social connections, professional guidance and a trusted source of advice. These connections also serve as powerful reminders for all of us of our shared commitment to public service and our desire to make a real difference in the world.