MSc Fees and Funding


There are two types of expenses to budget for when calculating the cost of graduate study – the course fee and living costs.

Course fee

Annual fees for entry in 2022/23

Fee status Annual course fee
Home (UK, ROI, Channel Islands and Isle of Man) £36,370
Overseas (including EU) £36,370

Further details on the course fee can be found on the Graduate Admissions pages under 'Funding and Costs'. Course fees cover your teaching, and other academic services and facilities provided to support your studies. They do not cover your accommodation or other living costs (see living costs below). You may have seen separate figures in the past for tuition fees and college fees. We have now combined these into a single figure.

Living costs

An indication of living costs for a graduate student at Oxford can be found on the University living costs pages.

Please note that due to the intensive nature of the MSc programme, we encourage students not to take on any work commitments outside the course, so your budget should take this into account. 


We expect all applicants in need of financial aid to explore all funding opportunities available to them, including through their own governments, private sponsorship, and scholarship or bursary opportunities. You should investigate all possible funding routes available to you as early as possible. In fact, some scholarship schemes have deadlines before the MSc application deadline, so make sure you check.


Many of our students have been successful in receiving University Scholarships such as the Clarendon Award. You will automatically be considered for the majority of University scholarships for which you are eligible.


We are very grateful to the donors who make it possible for us to offer a variety of scholarships and financial awards. In order to be considered for awards managed by the Blavatnik School, you are required to complete and submit a Scholarship Questionnaire, which is sent to all offer holders, and is usually requested within a week of receiving your offer of a place. We do not follow other schools in collecting this information at the point of application as it is important to us that we credibly signal that this does not influence our admissions process.


There are many different external scholarship or funding schemes available to students, with a diverse variety of eligibility requirements.


Many students also consider funding their studies, in part, through financial loans. The School has an arrangement to provide students with access to loans through loan provider Prodigy Finance, which we recommend students investigate alongside other options if they are considering taking out a loan.

Below you will find a list of resources that will help you navigate your fundraising journey. In addition, the Blavatnik School blog features some posts and experiences that might help or inspire your search for the right financial support.

Scholarships in detail


The University of Oxford offers a mixture of scholarships and awards, with a range of eligibility criteria often including the applicant’s country of origin. Many Oxford colleges also offer scholarship schemes.

There are over 1,000 full scholarships available through the University for graduate courses in 2022/23. For most of these, your application is automatically considered as soon as you submit your general course application online. To find out which scholarships you are eligible for, including those that require additional applications, please visit the University of Oxford's fees and funding pages. Some of the scholarships MSc applicants may be eligible for include the following:

Black Academic Futures Scholarship
  • Amount: Fees and a contribution towards living expenses
  • Eligibility: Up to 30 scholarships are available for applicants who are ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom, who are of Black or Mixed-Black ethnicity and who hold an offer for either a taught or research postgraduate degree, starting in the 2022-23 academic year. This includes all full-time and part-time DPhil and master’s courses.
  • Application process: To apply for the Black Academic Futures scholarships, all you have to do is submit your completed graduate course application, including ethnicity information, by either the January deadline and you will automatically be considered. You do not need to submit any additional documents and there is no separate scholarship application form for these awards.

If you are eligible for these scholarships, you will be considered automatically regardless of which college (if any) you state as your preference on your graduate application form. However, some of these awards are only tenable at specific colleges and successful applicants will be transferred to the relevant college in order to take up the scholarship if applicable.

Clarendon Scholarship
  • Amount: Full fees and a set amount to cover living expenses
  • Eligibility: Academic merit and potential
  • Application process: No separate application process
  • Clarendon Scholarships aim to give the most academically-able students not only the life-changing opportunity to study at Oxford, but also the chance to form lasting social, academic and professional networks.


Dulverton Scholarship
  • Amount: Full fees and a set amount to cover living expenses
  • Eligibility: Various countries in Eastern Europe and sub-Saharan Africa
  • Application process: No separate application process
  • The scholarships are funded by the Dulverton Trust, which is an independent, charitable, grant-making organisation established in 1949.
Exeter College: Amelia Jackson Senior Studentship
  • Amount: Full fees and a maintenance stipend
  • Eligibility: The Studentships are open to any person who is, or (in the case of awards for graduate study) has been, a student member of Exeter College, Oxford, and who, by the time of taking up a Studentship, shall have successfully completed a degree of the University, or who is currently studying for a postgraduate degree of the University.
  • Application Process: via Exeter College’s application form. The deadline for the receipt of applications and references is Thursday 3 March 2022. Application materials should be submitted to For further information and to download a copy of the application form, please visit Exeter College’s website.
  • Exeter College proposes to award at least two new Amelia Jackson Senior Studentships for 2022–2023. These Studentships are available for current or former members of Exeter College, Oxford, who need financial support. These Studentships were generously endowed by the Will of Amelia Jackson (1842–1925), wife of the Revd W. W. Jackson, DD, (Rector 1887–1913).
Felix Scholarship
  • Amount: The scholarship will cover 100% of course fees, a grant for living costs and one return flight from India to the UK. Awards are made for the full duration of your fee liability for the agreed course.
  • Eligibility: The Felix Scholarship enables outstanding students from India to pursue graduate studies.  One award is made each year to a non-Indian student who is a national of and ordinarily resident in a country (outside of India) which is categorised as Other Low Income Countries or Least Developed Countries on the DAC List of ODA Recipients. For full details of eligibility please see the Felix Scholarship website.  
  • Application process: To be considered for this scholarship, submit your application for graduate study by the January deadline for MPP applications. Decisions are expected to be made by the end of May 2022.
  • Felix has been supporting students at Oxford since 1991. The scholarships are administered by the three partner universities, with the support of the Felix Trustees. Please see the Felix Scholarship website for more information.
Oxford-Islamic Development Bank International Scholarship
  • Amount: Full fees and a set amount to cover living expenses
  • Eligibility: Ordinarily resident in one of the 57 IsDB member countries
  • Application process: No separate application process
  • This scholarship provides support for up to five postgraduate scholars per year. The scholarship is open to scholars who are ordinarily resident in one of the 57 IsDB member countries, and who hold an offer to study a master's or DPhil in a social science subject relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals. Eligible courses, including the MPP or MSc, reflect the IsDB's interests in science, technology and innovation, and, more specifically, its goal of empowering communities and supporting the achievement of sustainable development.
Oxford Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Graduate Scholarship
  • Amount: Full fees and a set amount to cover living expenses
  • Eligibility: Applicants who are nationals of and ordinarily resident in one of the following countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.  You should be intending to return to one of the eligible countries on completion of your studies.
  • Application process: Via University of Oxford application form.
  • The scholarships have been jointly funded by the University and H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum through the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation. The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) was established in 2007 to provide support for knowledge and development in the Arab region and beyond. The Foundation actively promotes education at all levels to enable individuals to make the best use of their abilities to benefit themselves and others.
Rhodes Scholarship
  • Amount: Full fees and a set amount to cover living expenses
  • Eligibility: Outstanding candidates with citizenship in one of the Rhodes constituent countries and, since 2018, there are now also two Global Rhodes Scholarships available to outstanding candidates from any country not already with an existing Rhodes scholarship.
  • Application process: Separate application process through the Rhodes Trust - follow link for details
  • The Rhodes Scholarships are postgraduate awards supporting exceptional students from around the world to study at the University of Oxford. Rhodes's vision in founding the Scholarship was to develop outstanding leaders who would be motivated to fight 'the world's fight' and to 'esteem the performance of public duties as their highest aim', and to promote international understanding and peace.
Vicky Noon Education Foundation Oxford Scholarship
  • Amount: The size and duration of awards vary according to each scholar's circumstances. The scholarship is jointly funded by the University and the Vicky Noon Educational Foundation.
  • Eligibility: Up to two full/partial scholarships are available for applicants who are ordinarily resident in and nationals of Pakistan. You should be intending to return to Pakistan once your course is completed. If you have previously studied outside Pakistan you will not normally be considered unless there are exceptional circumstances that explain why you have studied abroad.
  • Application process: To be considered for this scholarship, submit your application for graduate study by the relevant January deadline. If you are eligible for this scholarship, you will be contacted by email in April 2022 and asked to submit a short statement setting out how you intend to contribute to Pakistan on your return, and how your studies in Oxford will help with this. Only applicants who submit the statement will be considered for the scholarship.
  • Selection is expected to take place in July 2022.

Blavatnik School of Government Scholarships

The Blavatnik School of Government works extremely hard to provide financial support for students from all regions of the world.

In order to be considered for a Blavatnik School of Government scholarship, you need to have received an offer to study the MSc. You will then be required to complete and submit a Scholarship Questionnaire, usually within one week of receiving your offer letter. These are the scholarships and awards managed by the Blavatnik School and available to MSc applicants:

Blavatnik School Scholarships
  • Amount: Variable; depending on need
  • Eligibility: Merit of application and demonstrated financial need. 
  • Application process: The Blavatnik School of Government Scholarship Questionnaire (which will be sent to everyone who receives an offer)
  • In the inaugural year of our new MSc, and with generous support from donors of the School, we are delighted to announce that we now have a full scholarship available for a candidate who displays an outstanding ethos of public service and understands the importance of policy-orientated research in the development of effective policy solutions. The scholarship will cover fees and a fixed contribution towards living expenses. There will also be smaller partial awards available too.
Mo Ibrahim Scholarship
  • Amount: Variable; depending on need
  • Eligibility: Sudanese nationals
  • Application process: The Blavatnik School of Government Scholarship Questionnaire (which will be sent to everyone who receives an offer)
  • The Mo Ibrahim Scholarship supports outstanding current or future Sudanese leaders undertaking one of the Blavatnik School of Government’s programmes, such as the MPP, MSc, or the Executive Public Leaders Programme. Recipients will hold the title of Mo Ibrahim Scholars.

External funding and scholarship options

The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding gives advice about applying for funding from charities and trusts, provides a searchable database of external funders, and advises on how to make a strong application. You may also want to check the University of Oxford external scholarships webpage for links to external funders. Some of the major external funding bodies with which our students have had success include:

The John Monash Scholarship
  • Amount: Annual stipend of AUD $70,000 per year for up to a maximum of three years (AUD $210,000) for postgraduate study (depending on the length of the degree at a full-time study load). Support to travel to the location of your postgraduate study overseas from Australia.
  • Eligibility: Australian citizens.
  • Application process: Apply through their website between May and July 2022 for programmes starting in September 2023.
  • John Monash Scholarships recognise excellence and leadership, and celebrate one of Australia’s finest leaders: General Sir John Monash. Scholarships are awarded annually to outstanding Australian graduates to support them with postgraduate study at the world’s best universities. Successful applicants have demonstrated excellence in their field, leadership potential, and are motivated to contribute to a better Australia.
National Governments

Many national governments provide funds for their students to study overseas in the interest of fostering the skills and knowledge of its citizens.

Open Society Foundations

The Open Society Foundations award grants, scholarships, and fellowships throughout the year. 

In addition, we are aware that students from the US coming to the Blavatnik School would be eligible for the Fulbright Scholarship and Truman Scholarships.

This is not an exhaustive list – if you know of publicly funded scholarships for studying at the University of Oxford in your country, please let us know. You can find all types of scholarships on the International Scholarship website.

If you are in contact with an external funding body who would like to liaise with us directly please contact the Admissions team, who will be happy to give advice or provide a letter of support for an external funding application.