Harry Begg, DPhil candidate and researcher in the Banklash programme at the School, has worked with the National Leadership Centre of the UK Cabinet Office to develop their programming for training senior British civil servants.

The Public Service Leadership offering at the NLC focusses on developing system leaders: individuals who can work innovatively across organisational boundaries to solve "wicked problems" in government services delivery.

The research output is published as NLC Public Service Leadership Literature Reviews on the Cabinet Office website.

One of the findings in Harry's review of existing work on the topic of systems leadership is that there is a need for more applied case study-style research showcasing how systems leaders can transform government delivery. There is a general transition away from top-down hierarchies in the public sector, but more and better research needs to be done into what kinds of flatter, systems-based approaches work as effective alternatives; this is something that is currently being explored by the People in Government Lab at the Blavatnik School.

Before joining the Blavatnik School, Harry worked for General Stanley McChrystal (U.S. Army, ret.), where he contributed to the general's ongoing efforts to transform leadership practices across business, government and civil society.