DNS4EU: a step change in the EU’s strategic autonomy?’ was published by Roxana Radu in the Journal of Cyber Policy on 22 December 2023.

The Domain Name System (DNS), crucial for internet functions like browsing and chatting, faces a shift towards open or public resolvers often owned by large tech companies; in response, the 2022 DNS4EU initiative by the European Commission aims to establish a European resolver, enhancing the EU's cybersecurity, but its success depends on navigating challenges in intervening in a predominantly private market.

This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the DNS4EU project, which provided seed funding to a European competitor in a market increasingly dominated by non-EU players. As a critical infrastructure service, the DNS4EU represents one of the first concrete steps towards enhancing the strategic autonomy of the union. This article contextualises the DNS4EU initiative, outlining both advantages and limitations of the European strategy and related tender process and implementation plan, concluding with a discussion on the future of DNS resolution.