Blavatnik School of Government and affiliated research programmes publications

Faculty publish their research widely, for a list of publications by individual faculty see their individual profiles, we also have a number of School and research programme publications which are listed below.

Working papers present academic research on a broad range of issues related to public policy and the challenges of government. These papers are published outputs offered in the interest of scholarship and to advance knowledge and debate in a particular field.

Policy memos draw on faculty expertise to deliver clear, succinct and timely recommendations for policymakers, both in the UK and internationally.

Research insights and reports provide summaries of research projects and publications for general interest and understanding of their implications for policy and practice.

Practitioner's insights provide an insider's view on overcoming an issue or promoting an innovation, drawing lessons that can be applied in similar contexts.

The Oxford Government Review is a publication created by the School following the annual Challenges of Government Conference, which brings together leaders from governments, business, the media, academia and civil society, from all parts of the world, to find and share solutions to the most serious public policy challenges.