Noam Angrist

DPhil in Public Policy Student (2016)

Noam Angrist is interested in bridging the gap between evidence on “what works” in fighting poverty and translation into scaled intervention and policy.

Noam is the Founder of Young 1ove – an NGO based in Botswana which connects youth to evidence-based live-saving information. Their flagship program is “No Sugar” – a class revealing the relative HIV risk of “sugar daddies”, which had prior compelling evidence, and has been rolled out through a randomized trial to 30,000+ youth in Botswana to assess impact and scale potential. Young 1ove has been recognized by the Botswana Ministry of Health and Education, MTV and the Skoll World Forum.

Noam previously conducted research at the University of Botswana, evaluated poverty-alleviation programs at J-PAL, the World Bank, and the White House. Noam studied Math and Economics at MIT and has an MSc. in Evidence-Based Policy Evaluation from Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar.

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Noam Angrist, current DPhil student, is included
Forbes - Friday, 6 January, 2017