Stefan Dercon

Stefan Dercon

Professor of Economic Policy

Stefan Dercon is Professor of Economic Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government and the Economics Department, and a Fellow of Jesus College. He is also Director of the Centre for the Study of African Economies, and the Development Policy Advisor to the Foreign Secretary at the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

Between 2011 and 2017, he was Chief Economist of the Department of International Development (DFID), the government department in charge with the UK’s aid policy and spending. In this position, he provided strategic advice, and was responsible for ensuring the use of evidence in decision making.

Before joining the University of Oxford, he held positions at the University of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), the Catholic University of Leuven, and WIDER (Helsinki), part of the United Nations University. 

His research interests concern what keeps some people and countries poor: the failures of markets, governments and politics, mainly in Africa, and how to achieve change. Current research work focuses on the psychological challenges of poverty, the political economy of development, the challenges of industrialisation in Africa, the challenges and opportunities of new technologies, and how to organise and finance responses to natural disasters and protracted humanitarian crises.

His latest book, Dull Disasters? How Planning Ahead Will Make A Difference was published in 2016, and provides a blueprint for renewed application of science, improved decision making, better preparedness, and pre-arranged finance in the face of natural disasters.

He is a Fellow of BREAD, a Research Fellow of CEPR and of IZA, and an Affiliate of J-PAL He studied economics and philosophy at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) and holds an MPhil and DPhil in Economics from the University of Oxford.

In 2018, the Queen awarded him as an honorary Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George (CMG) for services to economics and international development.


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I am involved in a number of research programmes, including:

  • Risk Finance and Social Protection Approaches to Humanitarian Crises: continuing my work with Daniel Clarke (Government Actuary's Department), how humanitarian responses and finance can be secured by using a risk finance approach, including for natural disasters but also for conflict related displacement;
  • Oxford Martin Programme on African Governance: with Ricardo Soares de Oliveira (Oxford), a new multidisciplinary programme on the economic and political governance of Africa in the context of its jobs and poverty challenges;
  • Psychological Challenges of Poverty: with Kate Orkin (Oxford), Alemayehu Seyoum Tafesse (Addis Ababa University), Tanguy Bernard (Bordeaux), Rob Garlick (Duke) and Johannes Haushofer (Princeton), collaborative research between economists and psychologists on how we can learn from psychology to help poor people to reverse fatalism and increase aspirations and take better advantage of the meagre opportunities they are offered in Ethiopia and in Kenya;
  • Industrial Jobs in Africa: with Chris Blattman (Chicago) and Simon Franklin (LSE), and others, I am continuing our research on the scope and consequences industrialisation in Africa and whether it can deliver the quality jobs Africa urgently needs.

Policy work

My work at DFID and with other international organisations has led me to be involved in a wide array of policy research and debates on key issues of our time in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, including the Syrian refugee crises, the conflict in South Sudan and its consequences, the role of China in global development, Nigerian economic management, Pakistan's political economy, social protection systems, debates on greening growth, Ethiopian development challenges and the global development architecture and its financing. My book with Daniel Clarke, "Dull Disasters? How Planning Ahead Will Make A Difference" was based on work started at DFID. It was published by Oxford University Press in 2016, and has been covered by the BBC World Service and the Economist.

During the last six years, I have undertaken intensive visits, involving context specific lectures on economic development challenges, advisory discussions with government and local business leaders and extensive field visits to the following countries (in several cases more than one). In alphabetic order: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Botswana, China, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Malawi, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, St Helena, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe. In each case I have written detailed internal (DFID) and external notes on a wide variety of issues, as well as opinion pieces in local newspapers.



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