Jody LaPorte is a member of Associate Faculty at the School. These are former members of faculty who retain a link to the School.

Jody LaPorte is the Gonticas Fellow in Politics and International Relations at Lincoln College. She previously was a Departmental Lecturer in Politics and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government.

Her research investigates the dynamics of politics and policymaking in non-democratic regimes, with a regional focus on post-Soviet Eurasia.

She graduated from Yale University (BA in Russian and East European Studies) and the University of California, Berkeley (MA, PhD in Political Science). Prior to joining the School, she taught as a Departmental Lecturer in Comparative Government in the Department of Politics and International Relations at Oxford.


Journal Articles

“Hidden in Plain Sight: Political Opposition and Hegemonic Authoritarianism in Azerbaijan,” Post-Soviet Affairs, 31:4 (April 2015): 339-366.

“Confronting a Crisis of Research Design,” PS: Political Science & Politics, 47:2 (April 2014): 414-417.

“Putting Typologies to Work: Concept-Formation, Measurement, and Analytic Rigor,” (with David Collier and Jason Seawright), Political Research Quarterly, 65:1 (March 2012): 217-232.

“What is the Leninist Legacy? Assessing Twenty Years of Scholarship” (with Danielle Lussier), Slavic Review, 70:3 (Fall 2011): 637-654.

Book Chapters

“Semi-presidentialism in Azerbaijan,” in Robert Elgie and Sophie Moestrup (eds.), Semi-presidentialism in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Palgrave Publishers, forthcoming.

“Typologies: Forming Concepts and Creating Categorical Variables” (with David Collier and Jason Seawright), in Oxford Handbook of Political Methodology. Oxford University Press, 2008.