Izabela Corrêa is Postdoctoral Research Associate for the Chandler Sessions on Integrity and Corruption, a three-year programme.

The programme is chaired by Professor Christopher Stone, convening senior anti-corruption officials from around the world to develop and test a new generation of strategies to entrench public integrity.

Izabela has been dedicated to the themes of integrity and good governance academically and as a practitioner for over fifteen years. She has served in the Brazilian Central Bank, including as senior advisor on anti-money laundering (2017–2021), and at the Brazilian Office of the Comptroller General, where she led a team of public officials that oversaw the development and implementation of high-impact transparency and integrity policies in close partnership with international agencies (2007–2012). She holds a PhD in Government from the London School of Economics and Political Science (2017).

She is a lecturer at Insper, a leading business school in Brazil, where she teaches public management in the Advanced Programme of Public Management, the Master of Public Management, and the Executive Programme of Public Policy. She has also taught at the Compliance in the Public Sector Programme.

Her postdoctoral research at the Blavatnik School will focus on the public values of the bureaucrats engaged in promoting integrity and fighting corruption. Her research interests are bureaucratic behaviour and integrity in government.