The next generation of global public leaders gathered at the Blavatnik School to take part in a unique programme to help prepare them to lead in an increasingly polarised world faced with complex problems.

25 senior civil servants from across the globe – from the UK, Nepal, Ghana, India and Romania, to Slovakia, Brazil and Peru - took part in the week-long Rising Public Leaders Programme which aims to strengthen the skills that upcoming leaders need to build cultures of excellence, effectiveness, and integrity throughout the institutions they lead, and across the public sector more widely.
Communities need policymakers who can synthesise evidence, consider alternative perspectives, and work across barriers to offer practical solution, and so throughout the programme participants work on the knowledge and skills that are essential to effectively lead in today’s complex, dynamic policy environment.

Visit the programme page for more information or register your interest for the next iteration of the programme. If you wish to nominate one of your peers who you believe would benefit from the Rising Public Leaders Programme, please contact us at