New partnership brings practice-focused study to MPP students

Practice-focused study is a critical component of our Masters in Public Policy. This week, our MPP students will benefit from a two-day, hands-on course that will help them learn how to develop effective strategies to drive behavioural change.

The course is aimed at inspiring and equipping future government, civil service and public sector leaders to make the best use of modern communication theory and practice to drive behavioural change in the population. Taking place in Oxford on Thursday 12th December and in London on Friday 13th, the course will be taught by senior leadership from WPP media agencies Mindshare and MEC, as well as senior executives from TNS BMRB, part of Kantar. 

The first day will include various teaching modules, which will then be tested on the second day by a live challenge, in which students will need to respond to a brief around a road safety campaign. Their campaigns will be judged by a panel of experts including Professor Ngaire Woods, Dean of the School; Alex Aiken, Executive Director of Government Communications; Dr Michelle Harrison, head of WPP Government and Public Sector Practice (also a speaker at the School’s recent Challenges of Government Conference); and Eric Salama, CEO of Kantar.

The two-day course will enable students to work directly with professionals who are highly experienced in public sector communications. As a partnership between WPP and the Blavatnik School, the course creates an exciting opportunity for our MPP students to understand how best to deliver effective government communications in a rapidly changing landscape of media channels and complex public policy messages.

Read the full press release by Mindshare and MEC, on how they are working with us to inspire a future generation of leaders at Oxford University.

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Pictured is Michelle Harrison, head of WPP Government and Public Sector Practice, who is helping to deliver the course (speaking at the Challenges of Government Conference earlier this week)