Master of Public Policy

Do you want to see a world better led, better served and better governed? Are you someone who has made real and positive contributions to your community, country or region? Are you looking to develop your understanding of public policy challenges to become a more effective leader and change-maker?

Our Master of Public Policy (MPP) is an intensive one-year graduate degree that offers a distinctive approach to public policy. Taught by world-class academics and expert practitioners, you will be uniquely positioned to develop the professional skills and academic knowledge to address some of this century’s most complex public policy challenges.

Like no other course, the MPP represents a transformative opportunity for aspiring leaders with a commitment to public service. So what’s unique about it?

We are global

The MPP derives lessons for better governance from countries around the world. Students learn about how policy is made, implemented and evaluated in governments at local, regional and global levels. They discover, share, and build on successes achieved by policy makers in other countries – from the smallest to the most powerful. But the global focus goes beyond that – by ensuring that the student body is strongly multinational, we give MPP students an invaluable learning experience: they can learn from one another, expand their knowledge and test new ideas. We also encourage them to get to know each other and form a vibrant exchange network that will continue to support them after the BSG experience, into their future careers.

We are multidisciplinary

Policy challenges are becoming more complex every day and public leaders need to be able to use expertise from different specialist fields to find innovative solutions. For this reason, the MPP programme draws lessons from the public, private and third sector and from a range of disciplines as diverse as economics, law and science.

We are applied

What works? How do we implement what works? The MPP aims to give students the right tools to find answers to these and many other questions that arise whenever there is a public policy issue. The MPP is geared towards building the wide range of skills needed for public service – responding to the demand for flexible policy experts that can also deploy their skills as negotiators, analysts and communicators.

We are part of the University of Oxford

At BSG we are proud to be part of the University of Oxford and we build on its renowned history and research excellence. With more than 900 years of experience in education, the University of Oxford has an outstanding history of educating public leaders, including 26 British Prime Ministers and more than 30 other heads of state and government around the world. Oxford also boasts a thriving and successful research community with particular strengths in international studies, including Europe’s leading centre for the study of China and one of the world’s largest and most successful departments for the study of International Development.