05 December 2022, 17:30 - 18:30
Blavatnik School of Government and Zoom
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Dr Nematullah Bizhan presents findings from State Fragility, which examines key questions as to the nature of state fragility, policies used to mitigate it, assessment of outcomes, and prospects.

State fragility remains an area of great concern in international relations and in the field of security and development. Fragile states expose their societies to the risk of meltdown or collapse, endangering the lives of their citizens, and leaving them unable to sustain ordinary life. State fragility can also threaten global security, by providing safe havens for terrorist groups and for drug and human traffickers, and by increasing the threat of disease pandemics and mass migrations.

Presenting case studies and comparisons by leading experts and practitioners across seven countries – Afghanistan, Burundi, Lebanon, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Sierra Leone and Rwanda– this new book, edited by Dr Nematullah Bizhan, offers a novel empirical contribution by examining a range of distinct but interdependent dimensions of state fragility. This not only focuses on questions of state legitimacy, capacity and authority, but also involves the economy, and resilience to political and economic shocks, as well as vital questions of context and diversity. Download the book for free.

This event will be moderated by Dr Annette Idler.