Strengthening top public sector leadership worldwide

Bring Oxford’s expertise to your country and train large cohorts of mid-career public servants in your institution.

Participants from a single country receive world-class instruction over the course of a seven-week programme, beginning online and culminating in a one-week residential programme in their own country.

Each year’s programme takes account of the current context for public sector leadership. Participants will cover: confronting global challenges, communicating internally and externally, harnessing digital technology, decision-making under pressure, strengthening public organisations, negotiation, and integrity in public life.

The programme features four phases:

  • A week of live online classes with an asynchronous option available depending on internet connectivity
  • Several weeks of self-paced online learning with online discussion and individual reflection
  • A one-week intensive residential course featuring lectures, workshops, case studies and simulations, attended by key Blavatnik School faculty
  • An optional project to apply programme concepts to a real world problem inside participants’ own government department or organisation

The programme is based on our Executive Public Leaders Programme curriculum and is tailored to meet the needs of the country or institution.

We welcome enquiries on potential partnerships with organisations and ministries for this and other executive programmes. Please email Vicky Reeves at to discuss your interest.

Better leadership matters

At the Aig-Imoukhuede Foundation, we believe that an effective, values-driven, and results-focused civil service will lead to significantly measurable improvements in Nigeria’s socio-economic performance and in better outcomes for its citizens.  The capacity of the public sector work force is a key enabler of public sector effectiveness and so one of our strategic objectives is to build the capacity of current and future public sector leaders across Africa. 

The AIG Public Leaders Programme, aimed at mid-level public servants, is enabling us grow a new generation of public sector leaders who can drive and sustain change. Our programme alumni have developed  and implemented several projects that are already having a positive impact on the performance of their organisations.  We are confident that future programme participants will follow in their footsteps and create sustainable projects that will drive the change Africa needs.

Aig-Imoukhuede Foundation
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Facilitating real change in public service, across the globe

Do you want to see a world better led and better governed? Be part of the change and partner with us today to train large groups of talented public servants to be better equipped to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the public sector today. 

Contact us to discuss your interest and understand how we can work together to build a better public service.