The Blavatnik School’s Case Centre on Public Leadership hosts an annual workshop for faculty at schools of government, leadership, and public policy to develop the skills of case writing and case-method teaching. The workshop runs over two half-days and participants can join either online or in-person for a hybrid experience.

Since 2017, the Case Centre on Public Leadership has been adapting the case method to the unique needs of public policy education. Our team was recognised with the 2019 Outstanding Case Writer award by the international Case Centre organisation – the independent home of the case method. We use our cases to bring cutting-edge faculty scholarship into the classroom, thus combining disciplinary research and policy teaching. With a mission to advance public service worldwide, the Blavatnik School is keen to share this powerful strategy with other schools of government and public policy.


The workshop covers both practical tips for case-method teaching and broader strategic discussions about using cases to connect faculty research to teaching, especially in schools of government, leadership, and public policy.  

To develop and strengthen the skills of case-method teaching, participants get to see a case taught; examine the teaching methods used; and take part in case-teaching practicums to trial the methods for themselves. 

To further explore how cases can be adapted for public leadership education, participants learn about developing cases for the public policy curriculum; look at how cases can be used to connect research and teaching; and consider how schools can establish their own case-writing programmes. 

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