Summer Project

The Summer Project is an important part of the MPP course. It takes the form of a minimum six-week work placement with an organisation engaged in some aspect of policy work, such as a government department, a policy unit of a private sector organisation, a not-for-profit organisation or a research institute. Its purpose is to enable you to bring together the core skills and learning acquired during the MPP course work, and demonstrate your ability to apply these to real-life policy problems.

You are encouraged to research and secure a placement with an appropriate organisation on your own or apply for one of a limited number of placements curated by the School. In all cases, once a placement with a host organisation has been secured and approved, you must agree a programme of work that will be of mutual use and interest. This might include undertaking a specific policy-related task, carrying out an in-depth analysis of a policy issue or being involved in research related to a particular policy problem.

To complete the MPP, you are tasked with producing a final report based on your experience of addressing a real-world policy question, the assessment of which will  contribute to the overall MPP grade.

The Summer Project is often an intensely challenging experience that takes you out of your comfort zone, but the vast majority of students find it to be an exciting and rewarding part of the course.

If your organisation is interested in hosting a student, please email the Summer Project team for more info.