Research supervision

At the heart of Oxford’s DPhil research experience is the relationship between you and your supervisors. We want to give you the best possible guidance during your research and we believe in the benefits of a joint supervision that extends beyond the School. Joint supervision allows you to receive guidance and advice from a wider base of subjects and methodological expertise, and to have exposure and connections with other University departments.

You will typically have at least two supervisors during your DPhil research. The primary supervisor is usually drawn from our faculty and is responsible for the academic development and progress of the student. You will also have a secondary supervisor who could be a faculty member from another department within the University of Oxford. In some cases, you will have the same two supervisors throughout the programme, in other cases, the second supervisor may be added or change at a later stage. There is also an option for special supervision where an expert is drafted in for a particular aspect of your research.

If you are interested in our DPhil, please note that you do not need a confirmed supervisor in order to apply, as we will appoint one as soon as your application is deemed successful. However, we invite you to check the list of our faculty members who are also DPhil supervisors. By looking at their research interests you may be able to determine if there is likely to be a suitable supervisor for your area of interest. 

These are the faculty members who are also DPhil supervisors:

We are a growing School and continue to recruit new faculty. We will keep our list of DPhil supervisors updated so please keep checking.