Thomas Hale, Professor of Global Public Policy, contributed several sections and a full chapter to a new report, 'The Pivot Point', which was drafted by experts from 40 organisations convened by the UN Climate Change High Level Champions.

Thomas argues that progress towards climate-positive regulation is already underway: jurisdictions which together account for nearly half of global GDP (47.9% of 2021 GDP) and global emissions (46.6% of 2019 emissions) already have or are planning for climate- or sustainability-related risk disclosure of some kind. This progress must exponentially accelerate so that we win the ‘race to regulation’ by 2030.

In the third chapter, ‘Governing Net Zero: The Conveyor Belt’, Thomas introduces an influential model for global net zero governance, drawing on the Blavatnik School Policy Memo 'Governing Net Zero: the Conveyor Belt' (November 2021).