Thomas Hale is one of the authors of a new report about how the US can re-engage with international climate policy under the new administration.

The Brookings working paper ‘All in’ climate diplomacy: How a Biden-Harris administration can leverage city, state, business, and community climate action is co-authored by Thomas Hale, Associate Professor of Global Public Policy, and Nathan Hultman, non-resident Senior Fellow at Brookings.

The working paper highlights how the US federal government should incorporate the groundswell of city, state, business, and community climate action that has held the line for the last four years. Specifically, the Biden-Harris administration should:

  • Leverage climate action across all of society to ensure that U.S. climate targets represent maximum ambition while highlighting credible pathways to implementation
  • Integrate U.S. subnational and nonstate climate action into diplomacy, moving from simply highlighting the scale of non-federal action to actively incorporating it into operational strategies
  • Create institutional structures in the State Department and the federal organizing architecture, which may include a new National Climate Council, to empower U.S. cities, states, businesses, and communities to drive climate action not just at home but also globally.

More about the report on Brookings.