Born in China's youngest city, Shenzhen, Yi Su is a bold explorer of both innovative experiences and policymaking.

After completing primary school at home, Yi went to study in Switzerland and became the first Chinese student at her school. Challenging herself to overcome language and cultural barriers at a young age, she became a resilient woman who envisions using strong and principled diplomacy to achieve sustainable development equally across the globe.

Yi recently completed a BA in international studies and a minor in Economics at John Hopkins University.

In the past, she worked with the China Development Institute, a think tank headquartered in Shenzhen, using the success story of Shenzhen to help other Chinese cities to grow. She also worked with the United Nations Development Programme China, leading the agency's inaugural youth AI governance bootcamp, partnered with Tsinghua University.

Yi's policy interests lie at the crossroad of growth, climate change, and high-tech governance. Yi is a Jardine Scholar.