Wenyuan Feng is a lifelong practitioner in green finance and has studied and worked in sustainable development for six years. 

Prior to Oxford, he earned a Master's in Agricultural Development Studies from the University of Tokyo, where he integrated economics, agriculture and data science to study Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) in Africa. This interdisciplinary experience has brought Wenyuan new approaches to project financing after graduation. 

As an associate at China Development Bank, Wenyuan has been in charge of eight major projects totalling two billion dollars in infrastructure, social welfare and big tech. Besides, he also took part in the creation of governmental planning. Wenyuan's roles across the market and government have enlightened him on the power of collaboration. That is also why he chose the MPP: it emphasises interpersonal interactions and the link between academia and the real world.

At the School, he aspires to understand green policymaking and ESG investment better and learn how to be an effective liaison between market and government. Wenyuan is an Oxford-Creat Group Scholar.