Thomas Klein

Thomas Klein


Prior to starting the MPP, I was an investigative consultant with a New York-based firm. Using various forms of intelligence, I isolated legal, reputational and other risks for governments, individuals and Fortune 500 companies. Prior to that, I was a Fulbright Grantee in Malaysia with the US State Department, where I organised a number of public diplomacy projects, including nation-wide and state-wide initiatives on storytelling and diversity inclusion in Malaysia.

The policy space I am most interested in is at the intersection of national security, the rule of law and foreign relations, particularly how these issues manifest in privacy and transparency regulations. For me, the MPP is a chance to both enhance my areas of interest and build a broader understanding of what makes good governance, from environmental sustainability to deficit reduction.

I am a 2018 graduate of NYU Abu Dhabi, where I majored in political science and philosophy. I am originally from New Jersey in the United States.