I am the first Rhodes Scholar from Afghanistan and I recently completed my undergraduate degree in economics and peace and global studies at Earlham College.

While growing up as an Afghan refugee in Pakistan, I became dedicated to working on issues related to displacement. This led me to become involved in several projects in the United States, Greece, Kenya, Malawi and Ethiopia. I am the co-founder of the Dosti Initiative, which connects Afghan and Pakistani girls through the making of reusable sanitary pads. I am also one of the founding members of Mashinani Farmer's Initiative, which helps farmers in Kenya gain access to sustainable farming methods. While working as a consultant at the World Bank, I developed a keen interest in policy approaches that improve education for girls within refugee communities. At the Blavatnik School, I hope to combine this interest with my initiatives and keep working in the field of forced migration.

Summia is a Rhodes Scholar.