Simona Tomevska is joining the Blavtnik School from her role as a Research and Policy Manager at the James Martin Institute for Public Policy (JMI).

Simona helped to establish the Institute’s unique partnership model between policymakers and academics, and led various collaborative projects across a variety of policy areas, including women’s economic participation in the workforce.

Previously, Simona worked as a Management Consultant at the Nous Group, in their public policy practice. Although Simona considers herself to be a policy generalist, her particular areas of interest are climate and net zero policy. Whilst working at Nous, she led the policy team working on Australia’s first-ever comprehensive Net Zero Plan.

Over the course of the MPP, she hopes to learn more about how governments can most effectively and equitably deliver economy-wide transitions, such as net zero by 2050. Upon returning to Australia, Simona wants to contribute an innovative policy approach to Australia's net zero transition.