Shuab is a passionate advocate for educational equality and the power of policy to shape a nation's future. With a focus on addressing educational disparities in the north of England, Shuab believes in using his voice and leadership skills to create lasting change, enabling young people to dream big and achieve bigger.

Shuab has dedicated the past five years to promoting mentoring on both the local and national stage. His commitment to practical change is evident in his award-winning work addressing awarding gaps and fostering inclusivity in higher education. As a Trustee and Consultant at several organisations, he makes impactful decisions to reduce unemployment through education and training for hard-to-reach individuals.

Shuab aspires to serve in local government and contribute to a better led society, where every child has access to a quality education. Shuab's unwavering belief in better governance and equal opportunities drives his mission to make a lasting impact.

Shuab is a Political Leadership Scholar.