Reem electrical engineer by degree and a public servant by practice. She is also mother to a one-year-old boy named Saeed. Reem pivoted from engineering and started her career at EY as a consultant in public sector transformation. She then moved to work for the Director General of the UAE's PM Office, and prior to the MPP she was the Lead of Strategy Realization at the Government Development and the Future Office at PMO. Her work mainly focuses on designing and developing disruptive nation wide projects aimed to 10X our country's journey to the next50.The most recent one was Project Hama which introduces a new paradigm of military service and enhances future readiness of female recruits.I aim to serve by working on public projects focused on increasing the social and economic value of our human capital. Specifically, my interest is to explore policies focused on maximizing human capital potential as well as policies focused on providing opportunities of growth for the disadvantaged.