Paola Galvez Callirgos is a Peruvian attorney who has been navigating the intersection of law, policy, and technology for over ten years.

Paola is passionate about leveraging technology to advance inclusion. Throughout her career, she has actively influenced the development of digital regulation, advocating for evidence-based policy which unlocks innovation while keeping citizens safe online. 

Paola has experience in both the public and private sector; however, she found her role in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to be the most meaningful one as she led the design of the Digital Talent National Strategy and the implementation of the Digital Talent National Platform.

Paola's primary interests concern cybersecurity and the digital gender divide. She is committed wholeheartedly to transforming Peru into an inclusive and digital society and is looking forward to deepening her knowledge on designing interventions to strengthen digital resilience and furthering multi-sector collaborative efforts.

Paola is a Chevening /Anglo American Scholar.