Nur Hazeem completed a Master of Science in Sociology from the University of Oxford, and a BA (Honours) in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from Yale-NUS College. With a focus on supporting the vulnerable, Nur Hazeem started two non-profits, ALittleChange in 2016 and The Signpost Project in 2019, to support low-income families and retrenched elderly workers respectively. The Signpost Project was one of the founding members of the Vulnerable-in-Community Network in Singapore.

Nur Hazeem's academic interests lie in developing robust public policy to strengthen NGO-business relations in supporting an ageing population. Upon graduation Nur Hazeem will join the Singapore Civil Service and serve rotations across different ministries, having received a Public Service Commission (Public Administration) Scholarship. In his free time, he listens to Studio Ghibli music, plays the piano, and does ballroom dance.

Nur Hazeem is a Rhodes Scholar.