Originally from Odesa, Mykhailo's professional interests now centre around Kyiv.

With six years of experience advising public institutions in Ukraine, Mykhailo currently serves as a Legal Advisor at the United Nations Development Programme. His expertise lies in providing high-level legal and policy advice to the Ukrainian government and UNDP management, focusing on incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals into national strategic planning. He has contributed to shaping the Ukrainian post-war Recovery Plan and aligning it with the SDGs.

Prior to joining UNDP, Mykhailo gained valuable experience at the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Digital, advising on legal approximation with the EU, honing his political acumen. He holds Master's Degrees in IT Law and International Law from the University of Tartu and Odesa Law Academy. He is dedicated to spearheading positive change in the public sector prioritising good governance, digital transformation, and sustainable development in Ukraine and beyond.

Mykhailo is a Weidenfeld Hoffman Hope Scholar.