Mirte Boot

Mirte Boot

Dutch and British

I come to the MPP with an ambition: I want to help reform democracy so that it can protect citizens against the greatest challenges of the 21st century, and better involve people in tackling them. Chiefly, I hope to find a better way of dealing with climate breakdown, automation and rising inequality.

This ambition was formed by listening to others, from interviewing people in 15 different countries about the personal impacts of climate change, to talking to both executives and activists as a grassroots organiser. As a campaigner, I have often taken a leadership role, for example in pushing for stronger climate action in the municipality of Amsterdam, and founding my own student party based on transparency. Prior to joining the MPP, I co-managed Follow This, a responsible investment NGO, from which we moved three European oil majors to set climate targets in 2020. Finally, I was born in Amsterdam, and grew up in the countryside in the UK – so when I'm not studying, you can usually find me outside.

I am confident that the MPP will give me the knowledge and skills to propel me forwards, and I am excited to be challenged in my viewpoint by fellow students from all over the world.