Maya Tudor

Associate Professor of Government and Public Policy

Dr. Maya Tudor’s research investigates the origins of stable, democratic and effective states across the developing world, with a particular emphasis upon South Asia.  She was educated at Stanford University (BA in Economics) and Princeton University (MPA in Development Studies and PhD in Politics and Public Policy).  She has held Fellowships at Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and Oxford University’s Centre for the Study of Inequality and Democracy.

Her book, 'The Promise of Power' (Cambridge University Press, 2013), was based upon her 2010 dissertation, which won the American Political Science Association’s Gabriel Almond Prize for the Best Dissertation in Comparative Politics.  The book investigates the origins of India and Pakistan’s puzzling regime divergence in the aftermath of colonial independence.  She is also the author of articles in Comparative Politics, Journal of Democracy, and Party Politics

Before embarking on an academic career, Maya worked as a Special Assistant to Chief Economist Joseph Stiglitz at the World Bank, at UNICEF, in the United States Senate, and at the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee. A dual citizen of Germany and the United States, she has lived and worked in Bangladesh, Germany, France, India, Kenya, Pakistan, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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New Publications

"Pakistan's Security State of Mind." Perspectives on Politics. December 2015.

"Four developments to watch after Burma's historic elections.The Washington Post. November 19, 2015.

“The Content of Democracy: Nationalist Parties and Inclusive Ideologies in India and Indonesia.” (with Dan Slater). Forthcoming in Parties, Movements and Democracy in the Developing World, Nancy Bermeo and Deborah Yashar, eds. Cambridge University Press Studies in Contentious Politics.

“The Nationalist Origins of Political Order in India and Pakistan.” Forthcoming in State Capacity in the Developing World. Miguel Centeno, Atul Kohli and Deborah Yashar, eds. Cambridge University Press.

“Colonial Competition and Subnational Democratization in India: Challenges to Congress’ Maintenance Of National Power.” Forthcoming 2016 in Illiberal Practices: Territorial Variants Within Large Federal Democracies. Laurence Whitehead and Jacqueline Brehrend, eds. Johns Hopkins University Press.

"How Opposition Parties Sustain Single-Party Dominance: Lessons From India." (with Adam Zeigfeld). Party Politics. July 2015. 


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