Julian Żelaznowski worked as an Advisor in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland before coming to Oxford.

Julian's engagement in policy-making and keenness to study at the Blavatnik School of Government is rooted in a deep belief in the meaning of individuals' impact.

Given the opportunity to work in the Political Cabinets of two different Ministers during the coronavirus, economic and migration crises, Julian developed an interest in strategic and crisis management.

Working for Polish Development Fund and VCs and building cloud computing infrastructure gave him insight into deep technological matters, as well as evolved his thinking on the future of technology and its ethical dimension.

Julian also serves as the Chairman of the Institute of New Europe, a think tank focusing on the development of geopolitical concepts and assessment of European institutions, working on long-term strategy.

He holds a BA in global business, finance and governance and a MA in managerial studies at the Warsaw School of Economics.

Julian is an Oxford-Weidenfeld-Hoffman Scholar.