Hailing from Austria, Jasmin is interested in the psychological barriers to reducing poverty and inequality, and the relationship between empathy towards outgroups, moral circle expansion, and attitudes regarding redistribution.

Through her research, Jasmin hopes to learn about drivers and mitigators of wealth inequality, political polarisation, and segregation. Her most recent work experience at the Busara Center for Behavioural Economics allowed her to design and lead research projects in East Africa (Kenya and Uganda), where she also lived for three years. Under Johannes Haushofer, for example, Jasmin worked on studying the impact of cash transfers on mental health and well-being. Prior to that, she worked with the World Bank Group and as a data scientist for the World Data Lab. Further experience at the European Commission and the Austrian National Bank fuelled Jasmin's interest in public policy.

After undertaking a B.Sc. in Socio-Economics at the WU Vienna, Jasmin completed an M.A. in Development Economics at Yale University within the Fulbright Program.

Jasmin is an Alfred Landecker Scholar.