Huma Ruqayya Safdar is from Pakistan and a civil servant by profession.

Huma Ruqayya has served for ten years in the government of Pakistan, her most recent role in the Ministry of Economic Affairs where she dealt with foreign development assistance and economic cooperation between Pakistan and other important countries of the region.

She was instrumental in ensuring funding for the least developed regions of Pakistan to promote socio-economic development through bilateral assistance, thereby raising the standards of living of people in poorer areas of Pakistan.

Prior to joining the prestigious civil service of Pakistan through a highly competitive examination, Huma Ruqayya carried out ground-breaking work in creating awareness for the sexual rights of young women in Pakistan.

Her key policy interests revolve around evidence-based policy making especially in developing countries, and politics of policy-making which is relevant for the future leadership positions that Huma Ruqayya plans to hold in the government of Pakistan.

Huma Ruqayya is a Chevening Scholar.