Fareed is a Syrian humanitarian professional, holding an M.D. in Medicine, an M.Sc. in Laboratory Medicine, and an M.A. in International Relations. With extensive experience in local and international NGOs, MSF, and UN agencies, Fareed currently serves as Co-Lead for the Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Area of Responsibility in NW Syria. His role involves coordinating humanitarian response, supporting GBV survivors and at-risk women and girls, training field responders, and developing comprehensive and contextually relevant policies.

Upon completing the MPP, Fareed aspires to contribute to developing gender-sensitive policies, the eradication of violence against women, and empowering women in post-conflict and fragile environments.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Fareed holds a deep appreciation for Aleppo's musical heritage. As a board member of the Nefes Foundation for Arts & Culture, he is committed to preserving Aleppo's rich musical heritage and educating Syrian youth about their musical culture.

Fareed is a Weidenmen Hoffman Hope Scholar.