Elise El Nouchi is Project Manager for the Foreign Commonwealth and Development (FCDO) online course on Applied Economics for Foreign Policy, one of the flagship projects of the Executive Programmes team. This project aims at training policymakers to become more confident users of economic analysis to allow them to make better policies on the ground. Elise coordinates the project development from content creation to delivery, and manages cooperation with the various stakeholders of the project.

Previously, she held other positions at the Blavatnik School of Government. She was Research Analyst and Project Manager for the People in Government Lab. Her research blended theory and practice to create a dialogue on the future of public services, and more specifically the future of people management in governments around the world post pandemic. She also was a unit coordinator for the Foreign Commonwealth and Development (FCDO) online course and provided support in the design and content of the Unit on Economics for Development.

Prior to joining Oxford University, Elise completed her master's in Development Management with a specialism on Applied Development Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Passionate about development and governance, she has acquired a strong understanding of the dynamics at stake while working for various NGOs and research centres with a specific focus on economic and social development in Africa. In parallel to her master's studies, she worked as a consultant for GROW Liberia on projects aiming at fostering public-private partnerships and renewed development models. She also externally consulted for a commercial law firm, providing advisory in business development.