Denys Karlovskyi is a News Editor at Ukrayinska Pravda, an online media organisation in Ukraine.

Despite threats to the Ukrainian media community, Denys covered the crucial milestones of the initial phase of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, including the massacre in Bucha, negotiations between Ukraine and Russia and the siege of Mariupol.

During the early pandemic lockdown, Denys worked as a fact-checker at the think tank Vox Ukraine debunking conspiracy theories about COVID-19, in addition to fact-checking government reports on the energy sector and welfare reforms.

Denys' interest in public policy is focused on electoral reform, EU integration of Ukraine and e-democracy.

He graduated from Kyiv Mohyla Academy with an honours degree in Philosophy and spent one semester as an exchange student at the University of Groningen. Denys is interested in modern history, social anthropology and political philosophy.

Denys is an Oxford-Weidenfeld-Hoffman Scholar.