Denisse was born in Guayaquil City, Ecuador, where she majored in political science and international relations at Universidad Casa Grande.

As someone who sees herself more as a Latina than anything else, Denisse has a strong interest in understanding how Latin American states should focus their budget and other capacities on addressing their most complex issues: poverty and malnutrition. Denisse started her public service career in the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion, where she served as Director of International Cooperation, primarily doing project fundraising and getting technical assistance from global organisations. She also designed the first cash transfer that sought to prevent children's malnutrition.

Prior to that, Denisse helped build part of the government plan of the current presidency, particularly in women's economic inclusion. During the MPP, Denisse plans to refine her problem-solving skills and focus on what is needed for a social protection programme to succeed as a state policy.

Denisse is the inaugural Blavatnik School Alumni Scholar.