I am Vice Executive Director of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (Partai Solidaritas Indonesia or PSI), a new party dedicated to changing the face of Indonesian politics by focusing on women's rights, pluralism and youth. In the 2019 election, at only 23 years old, I was able to make my voice heard by campaigning as an MP candidate and as the partyƕs spokesperson. Prior to PSI, I worked as a researcher at Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting (SMRC) where I gained an insight into the importance and use of data-driven policymaking. I earned my bachelor's degree from the Communication Department in the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Universitas Indonesia, where I graduated as the valedictorian.

During the MPP, I plan to focus on the issue of gender-responsive policy because Indonesia still suffers from gender-biased regulations. My core objective is to become a leader in modern Indonesian policymaking through applying my skillset to create change from within the political system.

Dara is a Jardine Scholar.